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School building This is Minamata High Scool

The The front gate

An Entrance for students (Special classroom building 1F)

<1F> Meeting room, Judo practice room, Kendo practice room, pilling
<3F> Gym arena
Pilling is used by the students who belong to the outdoor sport clubs when it rains.  

Commercial studies building
There are a variety of the latest facilities such as a computer room, General Practice room and Programming room to raise the specialists.

Study hall (management ridge 2F)
The teaching oneself with the calm atmosphere can study on its own in an individual booth.

Art building
1F:Calligraphy Room 2F:Art Room 3F:Music Room

Practice building for electrical study course
Facilities related to electricity and electron such as Electrical Machinery room, Construction Practice room, Automatic Control room, Computer room, Communication
Practice room are enriched.

Practice building for Architectural course
There are substantial facilities to do manufacturing, such as Material Practice room, Measurement Practice room, Formation practice room, CAD room, Wooden houses practice room.

Practice Building for a course in mechanics
There are enriched facilities such as industrial measuring room, drafting room, foundry and forging practice room, motor practice room, welding metalworking practice room.

Classroom Building
Four departments with 7 classes
1F:1st grade students 2F:2nd grade students 3F:3rd grade students

Library (special classroom building 2F)
There are 17,000 books in total, from general books to special books. Reading space is also enriched.
You can study by yourself at the separated booth with calm atmosphere.
The front gate

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